State bill would prohibit ban on bags

As Wichita considers a ban on plastic bags, a state bill would preemptively ban such bans.
The issue is being discussed by state lawmakers now.


State News

February 12, 2020 - 10:30 AM

The city of Wichita formed a Single-Use Plastic Bag Task Force last week to research possibly banning or taxing plastic bags. Photo by Nadya Faulx/KMUW

Call it a ban on plastic bag bans.

A new bill introduced this week in the Kansas House Commerce Committee would pre-emptively prevent state municipalities from enacting their own bans or taxes on plastic items, including shopping bags.

The push comes days after the Wichita City Council appointed a Single-Use Plastic Bag Task Force to look into the issue and possibly craft an ordinance regulating plastic bags in the city.

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